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Photo Date/Time Aug 2 2005 8:02PM
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Comments LOCATION: Pine Lake Park COMMENTS: Yes, with respect to Park maintenance, or lack of same, there has not been a full time gardener assigned to Pine Lake since February of 1999 yet the Park Department now proposes to spend an extravagant amount of money on an artificial, arbitrary, restoration project that would be " implemented" by The Natural Areas Program. I have been involved in many volunteer clean up projects in that Park that were generated by the adjacent Community and people worked very hard to address obvious problems that resulted from a lack of maintenance staffing. But some years back the Park Department decided to put the Volunteer Program under the purview of the Natural Areas Program. Potential volunteers were routinely funneled into the NAP volunteer program and indoctrinated with that philosophy as though it was Official Park Policy. Many users of the Park system do not agree with that philosopy and consequently would no longer consider performing any volunteer work if it was done under the auspices of NAP. Giving the NAP greater control over Park land, which is essentially taxpayer property, could seriously hurt all volunteer programs. In my experience, NAP does elective work and is not responsive to the public regarding health, safety and maintenance issues. Furthermore, they have shown a disturbing tendency to want to make more and more Park areas "off limits" to the very taxpayers that own the land on the basis of it being vital to the restoration process. In closing, I would like to say that I wholeheartedly support the aquisition of any real natural areas within or adjacent to San Francisco because this would increase our overall open space for the good of all. But I do not support the artifical "restoration" of existing Parks that are well loved and used by all the citizens of our City.

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