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Dirty Little Secret #3


NAP has been responsible for the killing of thousands of healthy trees, and intends to kill many more


NAP is aware that the killing of healthy trees merely because they are non-native does not meet with the public’s approval.  Accordingly, NAP went about secretly girdling (a process that damages the bark of a tree so that it will subsequently die) mature non-native trees so that they could be removed later without controversy because they were dying.   NAP denied the charges of citizens who reported witnessing NAP gardeners girdling trees.  Eventually NAP’s lies were exposed.  An interesting article about this was written by Ken Garcia and published in the SF Chronicle. Click here to view the article.


NAP has already cut down thousands of trees and plans, if this proposal is accepted, to cut down 18,400 more healthy trees for the “Natural Areas”.  Additionally, destruction of non-native saplings and seedlings (these are by common definition trees) in areas designated by NAP shall be in total.  NAP officials do not believe they need to be accountable to the public for the number of seedlings or saplings they remove.  Please see Wayne's World Item #4 for further explanation.


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Pine tree