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Dirty Little Secret #4


NAP advocates the killing of wildlife


In situations where NAP officials believe wildlife may jeopardize the survival of a species they have declared “sensitive” (remember, there is no scientific basis for this determination) they reserve the right to remove wildlife in the area.  What NAP doesn’t state specifically is that the designated wildlife will be destroyed.  This wildlife includes  feral cats, turtles NAP determines to be non-native, certain types of frogs, squirrels, etc.  This arbitrary destruction of wildlife is not without precedent.  Several years ago, hundreds of squirrels living in and around the Laguna Salada portion of Sharp Park in Pacifica (which is designated a “Natural Area”) were poisoned by SFRPD gardeners.  When citizens accused the SF Park employees of the poisoning, the accusation was roundly denied.  After citizens came forward who actually witnessed the gardeners pouring the poison into the burrows of the squirrels, the mayor of Pacifica contacted the City to demand an explanation.  An adequate explanation was never provided, but eventually SFRPD acknowledged they did indeed poison the squirrels.  The destruction of wildlife is also anticipated at Pine Lake—see the evaluation of NAP at Pine Lake (“Your Park” section of this web site) for a more detailed explanation of the wildlife deaths anticipated there.


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