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Dirty Little Secret #6


NAP will restrict access of the public and their pets to our parklands


Attempting to keep nature ‘pure’, ‘wild’ and alien free may be impractical, impossible or even undesirable.  Humans have existed with nature for tens of thousands of years.  Dogs accompanied the Ohlone, the indigenous people of San Francisco, in the 1700s and they resided along with the “native plants”.  There is no scientific basis for excluding people, their pets, and wildlife from the Natural Areas.  The theory that the presence of people, dogs, and wildlife hastens the demise of native plants is unsupported.  Yet, the NAP proposes to exclude access to the Natural Areas by perimeter fencing and the elimination of many trails utilized by the public.  Lakes such as Pine Lake, and Lake Merced will have fencing surrounding the water so that the shore is not accessible.  Children will wait  3-5 years or more to feed the ducks again. 


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Pine tree