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Mayor Newsom's SF Tree Policy
Brisbane Box Tree

The Natural Areas Program is clearly out of step with not only the public perception as to the value of trees, but also the value that Mayor Gavin Newsom puts upon trees in San Francisco.  The NAP plans to remove 20,000 trees (mostly eucalyptus) in San Francisco park properties.  That count actually may be grossly underestimated because NAP only considers trees 6" in diameter to be trees, seedlings and saplings they remove are not counted.  These trees are scheduled for removal only because they are non-native.
However, Mayor Gavin Newsom has recently pledged to plant 5000 trees per year in San Francisco.  (See the letter below).  The interesting point is that the tree Department of Public Works (DPW) has specifically chosen to plant on Portola Drive, as a start to this campaign, is a non-native tree closely related to the eucalyptusPlease click here to view the technical description of the tree selected as cataloged by Stanford University.
Why is NAP removing trees, and the Department of Public Works planting trees of the same type?  Because DPW is not conducting an ideological experiment in your parks.  DPW is planting durable trees that will thrive in the San Francisco urban environment.  NAP is tearing out perfectly healthy trees that have thrived in SF parks because they do not like them.  Apparently, those who support NAP do not share the Mayor's reverence for trees as living entities that make our lives better.  Not only are trees aesthetically pleasing, they also perform other extremely important functions, especially in our cities. Please click here to view a USA Today article on this subject. 
Please visit our "Comments" section and let the Mayor know he needs to put a stop to NAP. 


Pine tree