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15th Avenue Steps

15th Avenue Steps

This park is .3 acres, and all .3 acres have been designated a “natural area” by this plan.  This is a curious designation, as no plants, birds or animals in this park are listed as endangered or threatened by the State or Federal government.  Nor are there any “sensitive” species here as designated elsewhere in the NAP proposal by local native plant and bird enthusiasts.  There are three aspects of the NAP plans for this area that we find objectionable. 


  1. There is as part of the plan an objective to reduce “predation pressures”. This would refer to the killing of feral cats and any other wildlife NAP deems unacceptable.  Considering the proximity of this park to residential development, we fear the trapping of cats and other wildlife on this park property could result in the destruction of pets.
  2. The concept of removing cape ivy and ehrharta grass in the “natural area” is fine, except pointless.  The plan notes these species are abundant on adjacent private property.  These non-native plants will subsequently recolonize in the natural area. This appears to be an exercise in futility, albeit an expensive one.
  3. The use of herbicides to destroy non native vegetation, as well as maintain this as a natural area, is a potential health risk to homes adjacent to the steps.  Please refer to Hawk Hill.

Pine tree